We are looking for creative products around the world.

We believe that it is our mission to find amazing products born in the world everyday and to deliver them to the Japanese consumers who need them. However, as Japan is an island nation, there are various rules in distribution and selling, so this is never easy. We will be there to solve any problems you may have and to realize a smooth distribution.

Branding to win in the Japanese market

Due to difference in the way of living and preference, there are products that are popular worldwide but won’t become a hit in Japan in the same way. We will use strategies that best suit your product for brand-building. Also, we will assist with the application and gaining of certificates such as PSE, PSC, RADIO ACT, etc., depending on the product.

Market research

Market research

We will research the market depending on the category of the product, to bring image of the chances of outputting your product in Japan before making things into action.

Sales strategy planning

Framing distribution strategy

We will propose and perform promotion and marketing strategies based on the market research.

Branding design

Designing brand promotion materials

We will create web pages, videos, and promotion items in Japanese using original designs of the brand to give the consumers a better image. 

Exhibition participation

Participation in exhibitions

We have experiences in participating in various exhibitions held in Japan and in Asia.

PR strategy

Promotion and SNS ads

We will make the recognition go up by promoting your products with TV shows, magazines, Internet media, and SNS.

customer service

Customer service

We will assist consumers who purchased your product to make your brand grow continuously.

We will provide the best promotion suited for your product.
offline market


Our dedicated staff will strongly distribute your product at actual stores such as specialized stores, department stores, and electrics retail stores.

Online market


We will distribute your product with EC shops that have Japanese option, such as Amazon and Rakuten websites.

Japan Crowdfunding Service


We will not only assist with the development, but also with submitting an entry in crowd-funding sites such as Makuake, GREEN FUNDING, and CAMPFIRE. We will aim to get a head start from there.

Japan Logistic Service

Management of products and shipping

By using our logistics system, we will be able to manage checking and the stock when importing the products. We are also capable of shipping the products to the consumers in Japan.