Gathering the Best from the World


Our Mission

We will gather innovative products that Japan has never seen from all over the world. We will update them so that they suit the Japanese market and become the first to output them into the market.
We are determined to spread creative products made by our clients (manufacturers from overseas) nationwide, to make the lifestyles of people in Japan even more fruitful, and to support our clients in making their way into Japan.
We will smoothly assist the growth of our clients’ brand by using their products from various genres and combining it with strategies that meet the needs of the Japanese market.

 In exporting and selling in Japan, it is essential to understand the offline market system of Japan. We will provide you with everything you need to gain success in Japan with your product.

We are looking for creative products around the world.

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shift2.jpg shift6.jpg shift5.jpg shift9.jpg shift7.jpg shift8.jpg shift11.jpg shift10.jpg

Let us help with your debut in Japan.